West Michigan Pain Specialists offer Expert Advice on a number of topics. Learn more about our providers, and the conditions they treat in our videos below. Visit our contact page to schedule your appointment at any of our four convenient locations.

Treating Fibromyalgia

Fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Just some of the painful effects Fibromyalgia sufferers experience on a daily basis. West Michigan Pain provider, Dennis Behler, PA, explains how specialists diagnose the condition and help patients find relief.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Arthritis can happen to anyone, and the condition can lead to extreme pain in the low back. West Michigan Pain specialist, Roman Zolotoy, DO, explains how a process, called Radiofrequency Ablation, can be used to target the painful nerves – and give patients relief.

Aquatic Therapy

People are turning to aquatic therapy to decrease painful pressure on their bones, joints and muscles while working to improve their physical ailments. West Michigan Pain Physical Therapist, Nicky Snyman, PT, shares how the therapeutic option can help even non-swimmers get back moving again.

What is EMG?

Numbness, tingling, or unexplained weakness in the limbs. All could be signs of a muscle or nerve disorder. Pain specialist Roman Zolotoy, DO, explains how the team at West Michigan Pain uses technology to evaluate their patients – and help them find relief.

Cost Benefits of Neuromodulation

A lot has been shared about how neuromodulation can help relieve chronic pain, but there are other benefits associated with the implant – including cost. Our specialists at West Michigan Pain describe how the surgical option is helping control healthcare related spending and medication dependence.


When traditional pain management techniques no longer provide relief, the team at West Michigan Pain looks to neuromodulation. Find out if you are a good candidate for spinal cord stimulation, and how the minimally invasive procedure is helping people live their best life.

West Michigan Pharmacy

Convenience is a must when you are trying to get well. That’s why we offer pharmacy service right in the same building as West Michigan Pain in Big Rapids.

Acute versus Chronic Pain

Unsure about when is a good time to seek treatment for pain? West Michigan Pain specialist, Naeem Haider, MD, explains the difference between acute and chronic pain and what our care team does to help solve it.

Diagnosing Herniated Disks

Sedentary Lifestyle – Age – Weight. Just three risk factors associated with suffering a herniated disk. Pain Specialist Roman Zolotoy, DO, explains how the team at West Michigan Pain diagnoses the condition, so their patients can get back to doing everyday activities.

Minimally Invasive Interspinous Spacer Treatment for Spinal Stenosis

New hope for patients suffering from Spinal Stenosis. Girish Juneja, MD, became the first physician in West Michigan to offer a revolutionary new treatment that’s scientifically proven to relieve pain without the need for fusion. Listen below to hear more about the minimally invasive technique exclusively offered in west Michigan through West Michigan Pain.

Exercises for Back Pain

Studies suggest around 80% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives. West Michigan Pain patients find relief in our therapy pool – complete with the area’s only aquatic treadmill. But there are other ways to help relieve your back pain. Listen below as our Physical Therapist shares her Expert Advice.