Physical Therapy


Our Physical Therapy department is located at our Big Rapids office. Physical therapy is provided by our licensed physical therapist Nicky Snyman. Nicky is able to utilize her vast orthopedic experience to provide her patients with many treatment options. Every patient is individually evaluated and appropriate goals are set together with the Nicky. A treatment plan is established and may consist of various techniques. These may include but are not limited to, therapeutic exercises, manual/hands on techniques, modalities and Aquatic therapy. Nicky works with each patient to ensure the highest quality of one on one care. The end goal is to improve function, mobility, decrease pain and the need for drugs and/or surgery.

Some of the Conditions Treated With Physical Therapy:

LBP, neck pain, any joint or muscular pain

Work injuries

Motor vehicle accidents


Multiple sclerosis


Post surgery diagnoses ( eg.Total joint replacements, Rotator cuff repair)

Functional Capacity Evaluations

To schedule a physical therapy appointment with Nicky please call 231-222-0018

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